What You Say Can Reveal Hidden Feelings

Stop and think about what you say.

And to whom you say it.

Today is Friday – a day cherished by multitudes.

Take a look at this tweet:

What a fantastic picture!

So expressive and such a good choice for the ‘thankful it’s Friday’ feeling.

Here’s a different view:

“If you hate Mondays, look forward to ‘hump day’ & long for Friday; your life sucks. Who should hire you?”

This changes the perspective.

Ask yourself if you are happy with your life, and if you are working in your true ‘purpose’.

I love my work and though I enjoy non work activities, I will never retire because I love helping people so much. There is much suffering in society which I can help ease – stopping would disappoint me. My work doesn’t even feel like work, though important to those I help.

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