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A warm welcome to the new Alex Rowan website and blog.Alex Rowan logo, Black Jaguar

One of my core focuses is on how I can maximise my service to the community/world.

My new website and WordPress theme will help me to do that.

I am an extremely ‘fortunate’ person from a philosophical, psychological and spiritual perspective.

It was not always so, however.

It is my responsibility to help others obtain similar benefits to those I have gratefully received.

This is not something I feel burdened by; in fact, I love my work and will never retire.

My website and blog will be a source of free help and assistance to people across the world, as well as a way for me to assist individuals and businesses while earning an income.

As I write this blog post, on 23rd February 2017, my website and blog is still very new, raw and incomplete; comprising my basic WordPress theme. I will be working on it daily to add content – pages, blog posts, plugins and other functionality.

Thank you for joining me on my journey. Please visit again soon.

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